Be Brave Go Live

Authentica by Francesca

While I am not one to follow my own advice, it's simply selfish of me to keep useful information from you all. I am sooooo not one to take advantage of going live for a couple of reasons - I just get really awkward in front of any camera for any reason, I don't like the sound of my voice, and being on camera is just known to make you look totally different than you look IRL. 

1. Get Help 

Since being on video is something I am terrified of, I knew I was going to need a helping hand. Whether that was with a close friend or experienced vlogger, I wasn't going to be successful doing this alone. I ultimately just needed someone to make me comfortable and who knew the real me / brought the best out in me. If they're really good at going live, ask them how they go about choosing what to talk about. The more significant topic you're wanting to discuss, the more useful the information you're giving out!

2. Get Comfortable

This definitely goes along with asking for help, but making yourself totally comfortable on your live video is crucial. The best way to do this is to literally get comfortable by choosing a good space to record in. This can be your couch, your comfy bed, or one of your favorite coffee shops. I prefer to do it at home, in my room, with the door shut so that no one else hears me LOL. I also recommend recording as many times as you need to for practice, saving each video and going from there. 

3. Have Fun

Don't be so hard on yourself. Part of the reason that going live is such a demand is because of the realness of it that people are craving. Beautiful feeds are awesome to have, but they're not everything and can really take away from the true YOU. Which is something your audience wants to see more of and are guaranteed to love. Because let's face it, you're fabulous!

Authentica by Francesca

Have no shame in asking your fellow blogger friends help you content ideas for your live videos. Ask people what they want to see more of and what they're totally clueless on. Also think about what you're totally clueless on, do some research, and vlog your findings! 

With that said...