Top 3 Tips for Blog Photography

Top 3 Tips for Blog Photography

Hey babes! I hope you're having a great weekend and ready to learn some good stuff! Mastering the art content (quality & quantity) has been one of the most challenging but rewarding components of blogging. It's so crucial and necessary, might as well face it head on right? Keep reading to learn how your blog photography can work for you!

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I know this is a hard one and not a possibility for everyone. Whether it's your time or money, investing a certain amount of those things at least once a month is so crucial and what will help you function when it comes to creating enough, quality content! If you're totally reliant on yourself for photos, click here to find some pretty cool remotes that help you operate the camera while you're in front of it! Also, don't be afraid to post about a trade of services in one of your local blogger / creative Facebook pages. I can guarantee you that someone is always looking for something that you offer, but need for free too. Keep in mind that hiring or trading with a local fashion stylist can also be very helpful. It's a great way to really feel like you have a team to help make you look amazing, put together, and on-brand. Last but not least, if you are looking to hire a professional, check out my friend Taylor Bellais who specializes in portraits and has a special going on just for #Girlbosses right now. Woo!

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This will make your life so. much. easier. While constantly looking for new inspiration is crucial to creating photos for your blog, planning a day or two before your photoshoot is more than enough. I just recommend that you give yourself and hour or two to plan it right. Make sure your outfits make sense and what you would actually wear IRL. Also be sure to take along props, which can be simple things that you use every day - your favorite coffee mug, your electronics, your planner, a faux plant, etc. With the pick of a great photographer, you really shouldn't have to overthink it. As for location, this is what's most important when it comes to lighting and aesthetic. To keep it simple, keep the idea of backgrounds in mind. A white brick wall or a colorful mural is a great way to go but you can also find the answer in nature. Keep your eyes peeled for local places that take pride in the appearance and ambiance of their location. Click here to see the top 10 places to shoot, right here in Arizona!

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By this, I mean inspire yourself. Whenever you're in a content funk, hop on Pinterest or even to the mall. It's also important to get inspiration from your own little world. Take a look inside that closet, at the vision boards you made in high school (or last week), at your past blog posts, or your past collection of photography. Be proud of what you have already created and indulge in it from time to time. This will help show you how talented and capable you are of creating great photos for you blog. 

Authentica by Francesca

I think it's important to know that the monster of collecting great content gets easier the more you get after it. Whether you take your own photos or you hire someone else, just make sure the photos hold your beauty, aesthetic, and energy. Your audience will be able to tell when it's not you. Just remember, you've got this and it won't be too long before you have more content than you know what to do with. I can promise you on that one. Just keep at it :)

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