The Best in the Game: Social Media Gurus

Hello friends and welcome to my very first social media blog post! Some of you may not know this, as I haven't really marketed it, but along with personal styling & fashion blogging, I also specialize in social media management & content creation. What exactly does this mean? Simply put, I love to help businesses get on track with the strategy and aesthetic of their online brand & presence. This includes a whole pool of things such as social media management (scheduling and pushing posts), budgeting for advertisements and boosts, website revamp / development & maintenance, blog post writing & scheduling, and content-specific photography. A LOT RIGHT?! It is. But after luckily being introduced to some of the best local social media gurus in the country, things have been made a lot easier to tackle when it comes to helping my clients in an organized, fun, and efficient way. SO, who are these social media know it alls? Keep scrolling my friends!

Authentica by Francesca

1. Blake Patricia Wedding Marketing Specialist

Authentica by Francesca

I would call Blake my number one social media master / teacher. I actually had the privilege of interning for her where I learned all the ins and outs and became incredibly motivated to not only help local businesses but also start my own freaking business. It doesn't get more inspiring than Blake herself. Don't let the wedding specialization fool you. She also helps college women find their passion, focus in on it, show them that they are bad asses, and inspires them to get going on their dreams with love and at full force. Since I could write a whole blog post (or two) about Blake & her knowledge, I'm just going to leave the links below so you can have the honor of seeing her work for yourself!

P.S. she has a really awesome retreat coming up called PJs and Prosecco - but hurry and visit the event info as tickets are limited!

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2. Bloguettes

Authentica by Francesca

The minute you visit one of their social pages or website, it won't take you long to realize that the Bloguettes team is the real deal. Ever since starting my blogging and social media management journey, I have looked to their search engine, blog posts, and social media aesthetic for inspiration. I consider myself lucky to live in the same state as them and have them so close. This has made for some really great networking opportunities and has connected me to some amazing women in my community. Not only are they extremely talented business women, they are also the sweetest, most down to earth team. If you're ever needing a community for business and blogging, visit their website where you can subscribe and join pages like their Bulletin Board Facebook page. Plus, this makes you the first to know about all of their informative webinars, courses, and FREE downloads. Visit the links below to view their stuff!

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3. The Blog Market

Authentica by Francesca

To start, I just want to say that I CAN'T EVEN with the cuteness and vibes that I get from the Blog Market. The first time I saw their content, I was instantly sucked in and began to read away. From small biz blogging topics to a list of resources just for us viewers, they really do have all you need. One of the main problems I have with finding read-worthy blog is feeling overwhelmed with all of their content. The Blog Market does have endless, helpful content, but it is all laid out in such a clean and organized way. This helps my crazy brain navigate through all of the content they have to offer. If you feel like treating yo self, head over to see all they have for us bloggers and social media consumers. 

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Authentica by Francesca

And there you have it. I know how overwhelming researching and learning about business and blogging can get and even result in you putting your dreams / goals to a stop. Please know that if you just keep going, you WILL find the resources that are right for you and ones that you sincerely click with and learn from. While you may want to mix up where you get your knowledge from every now and then, sticking to just a few of your favorites is absolutely okay. Just make sure that they are providing you with information that will help you and your business / brand grow. Best of luck to all you B O S S E S!

If you or someone you know is in need of social media services or advising, inquire here :) 

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