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If you are a small business owner, social media guru, or a newbie to social media, I wanted to take today and let you know about the easiest, most basic social media management tools out there. Why use social media management tools? Well, if you are at all interested in expanding your reach and improving your presence on social media but just DO NOT have the time, then you are going to need some tools to help you do all of that, in a proper and efficient way. While I haven't scratched even 1/2 the surface of alllll the resources out there, I made sure to list you with the best and most budget friendly tools, just to get you started.  Enjoy and once you have given them a try, let me know your thoughts in the comments :)

Instagram - Planoly

The Social Style

Nothing hooked me onto social media management quite like Planoly. Not only am I a sucker for an aesthetically pleasing app but it is so easy to navigate, especially if you are a first time user or just starting out on your SM management skills. If you are obsessed with the flow of your Instagram feed, this tool is going to be your B F F E (best freakin' friend ever). With the easy drag and drop arrangement and scheduler features, it seriously makes your life so easy by having a beautiful feed set up exactly how you like it, before you post anything. Here are some of the other awesome features that Planoly has: story scheduler, multiple image and video uploads, pre-tagging, a calendar view of your scheduled posts, and analytics to track your Instagram growth. They also have search options where you can pull photos from other users or free stock photography pages - how cool is that?! This helps you keep up with your content when you don't have enough of your own. This is only some of their features and only half of what they offer. Visit their Blog and tutorial on their Shoppable feature to learn so much more. 

P.S. you can use this app on your phone or desktop!

Planoly  $7 / month or 30 photos per month with limitations for free

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Pinterest - Tailwind

Authentica by Francesca

This is a fun one. Especially if you are a Pinterest lover! While I am definitely a Pinterest lover, I just don't have time to pin, re-pin, follow, comment, and upgrade to rich pins all on my own. You gain followers on Pinterest by interaction that requires a little but of strategy. Tailwind allows you to add their app to your tool bar. This makes their icon pop up on almost every photo on any site that you visit. Instead of personally adding a photo to your Pinterest board (s), adding a link to it, and adding a description, simply hitting the "tailwind" icon does all of that for you. This automatically pins any blog, website, photo, or special link you come across. Basically, Tailwind is so great because you can pin and re-pin hundreds of different pins or links at a time, with the option to quickly add it to more than one relative board. You can also use Tailwind for Instagram, but it is mainly known and most efficient for Pinterest. It can be used on your phone or desktop!

Features: scheduling, posting, rich pins, and analytics

Tailwind  $15 / month or first 100 uploads free 

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Twitter - Hootesuite 

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Just when you thought your life couldn't get any easier, I have another tool for all of you beginner social media managers. The best and worst thing about Twitter is that it requires consistency to gain followers. This is good due to the fact that you are totally fine to post about your every move, about anything and everything as many times a day. The bad part about this, WHO has time for that?! With the option to add multiple different Twitter page "streams", you can create as many tweets, re-tweets, and photos as you can possibly think of. You can add up to 10 different Twitter feeds with the most affordable plan. This is perfect for those of us who have clients or your friends who may want to use this app and just pay you their portion - LOL. Sorry, that's just the entrepreneur in me. 

Hootesuite  $19 / month or free 30 day trial with business email

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