Blogs to Watch Going Into 2018

It's not everyday that you find a blog that just gets you. Since a truly helpful blogging community can be hard to find, I decided to start keeping track this past year and I wanted to share my favorites with you! From a supportive boss babe community to an incredible travel blog, I feel like I have a blog for all my creative entrepreneur needs. Keep scrolling to see the blogs to watch for going into 2018!

Authentica by Francesca

1. The Enliven Community

Not only are the founders of The Enliven Collective my sorority sistas, they're some of my biggest inspirations. When it comes to taking care of yourself, your biz, and working for the life you dream to live, they consider everything when it comes to personal success. They recently launched with an awesome, intimate Sip & Collaborate event, where I had the pleasure of meeting so many awesome women in my little Tempe community. Things to watch for in 2018: new blog material, upcoming happy hours, workshops, and a private mentoring group!

2. The Blog Market

When it comes to the ultimate blogging tips and ideas, this is the blog I turn to the most! I discovered The Blog Market on Twitter less than a year ago and it was kind of love at first sight. With their beautifully organized website, learning all things social media, design, and freelance is incredibly easy, which is why I was instantly sold. Things to watch for in 2018: biz/brand related blog posts and their awesome IG feed. 

3. The Savvy Community

If you're riding the boss babe train, you've G O T to be a part of The Savvy Community! This is a community strictly meant for entrepreneurs running their own small businesses. With endless blog posts about branding, systems, social media, finances, and design, they literally have it A L L. Many of their blogs are written by real, everyday business owners that specialize in specific fields and being overall bad asses. Things to watch for in 2018: sign up to be a part of the community and follow their new blog posts!

4. The Lovely Escapist

Following Angie of The Lovely Escapist is for pure bliss, amazing photos, and seeing some of the coolest places in the world. I had the pleasure of working with Angie and her main photography business about a year ago (Shots by Angie) and her talent is seriously breath taking. For her to use that talent in combination with her love of traveling is a treat for anyone who visits her social media or website. Her off the-beaten-path travels center around the experiences found in captivating locations. Whether Angie is hiking the Grand Canyon or wandering the streets of Paris, she discovers hidden gems and new perspectives to share with the world. Things to watch for in 2018: the places she's yet to go and capture!

5. The Zen Bird

You know those times when you need a little business inspo mixed with some calming vibes (because biz can be scary sometimes)? Marian Mellen of The Zen Bird has created the perfect community for just that. After attending one of her Heart + Soul workshops that was centered all around creativity, I was absolutely hooked and inspired by her philosophy of being an entrepreneur. Not only does she sell theeee cutest head bands, she literally puts her heart and soul into everything she does. From each IG post to each workshop, her passion for zen business and relationships is beautifully obvious. Things to watch for in 2018: her new Heart + Soul WorkbookCompassion workshop, and Nourish workshop!

6. AE Louis

Every now and then, our blogging world needs someone to shake things up and really tap into what we need as creative entrepreneurs. I am so thankful to have run into AE Louis as her IG page is so telling of how amazing her blog is. She gets down to the nitty gritty when dealing with business difficulties while assuring you that everything works out if you bust your butt and stay focused. Things to watch for in 2018: her amazing IG feed and killer blog posts!

Who are some of your fave bloggers that we M U S T watch for in 2018? Comment below!