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While I feel like I've found some great moisturizing and exfoliated facial products, I hate to say that I have been looking for some products that could give me some skin tightening and that could reduce my five-head wrinkles. It was perfect timing when I got introduced to Nip + Fab's newest products like their Glycolic Fix foaming pads, Bee Sting fix repairing shot, Dragon's Blood Fix plumping mask, and the Bee Sting eye fix.

Glycolic Fix Foaming Pads

Authentica by Francesca

With Fall events picking up, I've been wearing a lot more makeup which has meant a lot more breaking out than usual. These foaming pads have been so refreshing after a long day of gross makeup in this Arizona heat. They're soaked with a fair amount of cleanser which leaves enough cleansing my entire neck and face. Also a plus and something you know that I love, it's the exfoliant of the bunch!

Glycolic Fix Foaming Pads $14.95

Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot

Authentica by Francesca

Like the name didn't sound cool enough, it offers direct care & repair for dry skin, which is my main issue! You can add it to a moisturizer you in your original routine or put it onto direct problem areas on your skin. I love this as I hate having to wait for big problem blemishes to disappear. I really need a fast fix when it comes to those annoying suckers! The plus on this - it also acts as a plumping, firming serum

Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot $24.95

Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Mask

Authentica by Francesca

Out of all the products in this bunch, I would have to say this one is my fave! I had been looking for a repairing over-night mask when it came to hydration and firming. I have a lot of dryness and redness from the heat here in Arizona, so I should have had something like this mask a lonnnnng time ago. The coolest part was that I actually looked very refreshed and well-rested when waking up the next day, I didn't even feel the need to put on makeup. You can also use it for 10 minutes then rinse, if your skin isn't in need of intense repair. 

Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Mask $14.95

Bee Sting Eye Fix

Authentica by Francesca

Doesn't a nice eye cream always feel so good? This is one of the best eye creams that I have used which is something that I have weirdly gotten into as a 22 year old. I don't necessarily need an eye cream, but I just love the way it freshens me up in that area after a long day and at the beginning of each morning! It's also meant to give some glow to your brow bone area, which is a crazy area for me, especially wearing glasses everyday. While I don't necessarily need this cream for wrinkles, it's great for giving my face a restorative glow where I don't have to worry about makeup.  

Bee Sting Eye Fix $19.95

Authentica by Francesca

Thank you so much to Nip + Fab for all of the AMAZING products and ones that have become a part of my daily, self-care routine! Having products that take care of my skin on a versatile level is so helpful and will make for a great transition into new weather. I highly recommend trying these quality, affordable products! Find them at your local CVS pharmacy or Ulta Beauty!

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