For the Love of Aloe

Authentica by Francesca

Aside from the fact that it's photogenically awesome, aloe vera gel can be used for so much than just the regular sun burn. The best part about its uses and benefits - it is so accessible and easy to use! Keep scrolling to see how in simple, bullet points examples!

Authentica by Francesca

Smoothie / Beverage Additive

-Calms down the acidity in your body (also known as alkaline) which helps treat heart burn

-Helps regulate your system & prevent  or fix constipation

-Keeps you suuuuper hydrated

-Helps for a nutrient rich diet which is important for your liver

Topical Skincare Benefits

-Clears skin & helps irritation like sun burns or acne  

-Thanks to the water content, it's useful as a moisturizer

-Helps to brighten your skin (just add turmeric & lemon juice - BAM)

-Good for after-sun exposure or treatment of a nasty burn (thanks, Summer Break)

-Acts as a anti-aging treatment

Please don't think that you have to go out and chop down aloe plants. If you can easily access them in your yard or a neighbors, don't be afraid to use it as it grows like crazy! You can also look up your local craigslist or Facebook pages to see if anyone is trying to get rid of their aloe. They usually just set it out on their front patio, free for the taking! If this isn't an option for you, just keep an eye out for products that are aloe-based as well as drinks that can be bought at your local grocery store. Below are just a few of my favorite aloe-based products that have done wonders for my skin, hair, and digestive system!