My First Styled Shoot & How to Stay Positive in Your Career

Hello and happy Monday! Lately, I've seen a lot about staying positive and pushing through the tough stuff to achieve your dreams. There must be something in the air (thanks a lotttttt retrograde) and I can't help but feel for all my fellow entrepreneurs having to go through these tough times because I've been going through 'em too. It does make me sad that we're having to constantly kick a lot of difficult ass but the more we talk about the struggles, the less intense they become. Just to put things into perspective and remember why I began my business, I thought I'd dial it all the way back to my very first styled shoot, talk about what life was like then, and what it's like now. If you'd like to put your career journey into perspective, read along! This one's for you too! 



Yep, it's true. Thanks to a talented photographer and model, we were able to turn a few sock & sweater pairings into quite a statement. At this time in life, I still had a lot of excitement about my future styling career. I was optimistic and hopeful and I think it's because I was doing it with a lot of love in my heart. Comparing it to now, when things are a little more nerve wracking versus exciting, I'm trying to think about where I went wrong. I think it's because I took on too many styling gigs that weren't right for me. Not only were they not right for me, they weren't even my best work. It's very obvious that my level of heart shows in my work and that's the number one thing I need to start paying attention to again. If something doesn't seem right for me, no matter how much it pays (or doesn't pay), then I can't take it on. Of course, I am grateful for going through the shoots that weren't right for me, as I'm able to learn so much about making better decisions now. 


It might seem like you shouldn't involve your heart too much in business matters, but I think the opposite to be true. Really check in with your heart and gut when it comes to deciding to work with certain brands and paid opportunities. The hit to the wallet might hurt a little, but always trust your reasoning. It'll save you a lot of heart ache and help you grow a more genuine, heart-centered brand and business. 

Images: Keegan Carlson Photo

Model: Demi Bang

Styling: Francesca Navarro