How to Settle your Restless Entrepreneur Mind & Work Smarter not Harder

So you're an entrepreneur and you've got a crazy creative mind that doesn't seem to stop.. Like, ever, right?! Ooohhhh man am I right there with you! We're blessed and stressed with something that makes us successful while occasionally tanking our confidence and productivity to a below sea level measurement. No matter if you work from home, have a career you love, or get to work part time, this is still a very tough thing to deal with. While I initially want to tell you that it's something we have to embrace, I also want to show you that there are solutions to this struggle. From calming our minds to actually putting our ideas into action, there's always a way to improve the harder things in life and break down the walls you feel you're up against. So pour yourself a glass and find out how to calm that restless entrepreneur mind and work smarter not harder in your crazy (but cool) career driven life!

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It's so incredible & something you're proud of but also something that drives you up the effing wall and gives you stomach issues at times. While the stress of it can be GOOD for you in the long run, it can be damaging to your personal health if it happens too often. Some of the best ways I've taken a breather and not let the stress run my life:

-Headspace Meditaion App: it has a mediation series for almost EVERY stressor you can imagine (anger, stress, sleep, productivity, etc.) but also helps you do a quick 3-10 minute recharge to get some literal head space back into your day. It's helped me take time for myself, clear my mind of unnecessary thoughts, and even sleep & wake up better! 

-Hitting the gym for 30 minutes tops: there's nothing like a quick trip to the gym to get you physically and mentally back to reality. I know this can be a hard one to take on, but just trust in the tried and true benefits of a little exercise and think of it as a way to get away from those nagging emails for a bit. Clients and Instagram can ALWAYS wait, especially if it's just 30 minutes to an hour. You are more important than a client project, email, or deadline. 

-Cook or bake something delicious: lately I've been working with my nutritionist Hey Preslie on some new foood goals. Again, my health is more important than any client work, Instagram post, or email so making sure I stick to the healthy food goals has really taken a priority in my life. It's also given me a chance to experiment with my cooking and have a little fun. Food and fun? I can't think of a better way to take a small mental break during the day!

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I've given you the best ways to take a breather throughout the day, but what about solutions to casting out stress within your actual work load? Basically, how do you not hate life while working and actually feel good about being productive? Well, figuring out how to work smarter not harder has been a work in progress and something I'm just now starting to master. The number one reason I'm starting to master it: I've done it over and over and over again. Time is a kicker but it's the number one way to master something. Believing you'll get to that place some day is the second step to having pride in working like a dog. Here are more tips on how to turn your stressful work days into prideful, productive ones:

-Work with others: there's NOTHING better than a little human interaction to get your working mind where it needs to be. If you have people who work in the same industry as you, even better. Find a close knit group that is looking for the same thing in terms of work partners so you don't get distracted. This gives you some fun interaction while being surrounded by people with a common goal: to get sh** done!

-Set Timers: there are the tasks we think will take forever. Some of the do but some of the don't need more than an hour of your time. Have a blog post you're dreading to write? I PROMISE that you're more than capable of tackling it. Set yourself a timer for 1 hour so that it's the only thing you focus on. Timers have proven to minimize distraction and add some challenging fun into the process!

-Eat the freaking frog: those big things? Do them FIRST and the rest of the day will feel easy peezy!

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I hope I didn't talk your ear off and that you're feeling a little better about your entrepreneurial mind and crazy career life. All in all, I just want you to enjoy every minute of it. You deserve to! While you owe your clients & audience your best work, you don't owe anything or anyone your personal and mental health. There's no shame in enjoying it, so start doing so through baby steps and simple solutions. Any other questions about how to take the stress down a notch and work smarter not harder? I LOVE answering questions so hit me with em below!