Times You & Your Blog Helped Someone

Before the time of influencing came to be, blogging was the best way to inform and relate to a crowd of people that you really connected with. With the saturated world of modern blogging, it can be hard to feel like your voice is making a difference. While it may just be your Mom that comments on your actual blog posts, it’s important to know that others are seeing it and appreciating it too - even if they don’t show it or say so. If you’ve been feeling down on your blogging efforts lately, I’m here to show you the times you and your blog have truly helped someone. Keep reading to feel the love, loves!

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That Time You Were Really Honest

You know that social golden rule, where we all want to feel like we’re disclosing information equally in our conversations? This is real in the world of social media too. Not only does your audience want to know more about you, they want to know stuff that’s not all fluff. So that time you shared close info about your struggles? Or whenever you shared passionately about your cultural views? While it may have been uncomfortable at the time, your tribe appreciated it and love you for it. Most likely, it added value to their day and gave them something to remember. I’m sure that was a post that got many comments and love. If it received some negative flack, don’t be discouraged. Focus on the love and know that it’s good for some realness to come out from time to time. If anything, it keeps the industry interesting ;).

All the Times You’ve Recommended Your Amazing Hair Stylist

Finding the perfect hair stylist is a tricky feat! You want to know that they’re gonna listen to your needs but still be honest about what’s possible/what’s not. Annnnnd you want to know that you can afford it. Each time you’ve recommended or gave a shout out to your wondrous hair stylist - it’s mattered. You know how long it took to find him/her (something your followers/friends/family will SO appreciate) and you’re giving your stylist potential business. So, while I’m at it, let me recommend my stylist, who I was so grateful to have found a couple years ago, Cassidy Applebach. She’s so sweet, awesome, and knowledgeable in her craft - my Mama even goes to her, guys. And let’s not limit it to sharing info about your hair stylist. Recommendations that you give on the best groceries for gluten free recipes, whenever the best sales are, or the best time of year to take a vacation is all helpful information that so many people benefit from.

Whenever You Mention Fellow Bloggers/Entrepreneurs In Your Community

If you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, influencer, creative, or socialite of any kind, you know how important it is to network and choose “community over competition”. To feel like your creative work is worth it (as the rewards often don’t show up in the form of $$$), you’ve gotta give love as well as seek it out. Any time you’ve shared collaborations or new-found friendships in your community, you’ve shared love. Not only does your audience get to find out about amazing people doing amazing, beneficial things for their lives, you give love and attention to the hard working entrepreneurs in your life (who totally deserve it). With that said, check out some of my faaaave ladies doing amazing things here: Emina Omeragic, Siara Rochell, Avis Rojas, Paloma Kemak, Meg Magdaleno, Avi Valencia, Kate Berkley, Neyda Melina, Samantha Capaldi, Kayli Schattner, Sarah Williams, Preslie Hirsch, and Modern Mood Jewelry.

The Time You Honestly Reviewed A Product That Messed Your Sh** Up

Giving reviews isn’t all free stuff and fun collabs with companies. The actual point of reviews is about trying out products/services your audience is interested in and giving honest feed back about those products. It should be made clear to the companies that you collab with that you will honestly review their product with both them and your followers. Not only does this create trust with your followers and other companies, it could seriously save someone wasted time and possibly scary mishaps. If you got a rash from a popular face mask, you’ll want to share that with your followers so as to save them from getting one too. Always be honest with your reviews, especially if it messed your sh** up!

That Time your Wrote About The Best Comfort Food

There’s a lot of heavy stuff shared all over social media these days and some times, your followers want a break. They want to indulge in the simple things and feel some nostalgia. So that time you wrote about the best comfort food in your home town, or the best movies to watch on a rainy day, you gave them something small-but-sweet to hang onto for a while. How cool is that?

The Social Style Co.

Who’s ready to get back to some blogging? Whether it’s about tips on ways to do your civic duty or for staying sane during the holidays, someone in your audience is going to appreciate the knowledge and the love. If you’re really struggling, simply ask your audience what they want to see more of or how your content has helped them in the past. It’ll give you some reassurance and a better idea of what to start focusing on from here on out.

How do you like to connect with your audience? Share what works for you in the comments below!

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