Loving your Bangs from Summer to Fall (PS I'm Blonde Again - Yay!)

When I initially started talking about getting bangs, almost everyone I knew urged me not to do it. Especially if they had bangs themselves. I knew I probably should've listened to them, but I just couldn't help myself. I was a little scared at first but have LOVED them ever since I made the plunge. I realized what I loved about them is what most people hate. They bring a different challenge everyday and make you work for a great look. This made me realize I needed to bring a good name to bangs and show you all the fun and easy (yeah I said it!) styling possibilities that will help you fall in love with your own bangs like you never thought possible. With the help of my incredible hairstylist, Cassidy at T. Salon, we officially bring you some easy, fun, and classic bang looks to from this season onto the next (with a little blonde added of course). Now start loving those bangs, keep scrolling to learn more!


Basically, we started from the top down. A simple bun that hugs the nape of my neck is my all time favorite look, especially with bangs. The bangs do most of the talking with a bun that accents the shape of the face and creates an overall proportioned look. Bring a few strands down in front and you've got one magical, simple look perfect for any occasion. 

The Social Style - Cassidy Applelocks

Top Knot

Originally, we thought we'd do a half up/half down look, but we just couldn't resist the top knot. It's the perfect way to bring some fun to your overall look. Tie a scarf around the bun, curl or straighten the hair you leave out, and blow dry the bangs to complete the look. It'll scream fun and sophistication!

The Social Style - Cassidy Applelocks


The new blonde color in my bangs is giving me life (because Cassidy is a freaking genius)! Curled to perfection, she just spritzed the top with a little bit of hair spray to add volume and to create a perfect sway from bangs to the crown of my head. One thing I noticed? She used both a curling iron and hair straightener to get the perfect waves!

In need of an amazing hair stylist? Cassidy specializes in cuts & styling. Check out her work and contact her today!

The Social Style - Cassidy Applelocks

The point of these simple looks? To show you that you can keep things very simple with bangs. Bangs do a lot of the talking for you and help carry the weight of the whole look. They're like an accessory you never you knew you needed! How are you going to run with these looks and make them your own? We'd love to know - share in the comments below!

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