Things to Stop Doing as a Young Entrepreneur

Life as a young entrepreneur/young professional = craziness. Despite what the generations before us might say, we are effing bad asses who are way ahead of our time, trying to grab life by the balls and really create a life we love. There's no shame in that so long as you're working hard and doing the right thing. You're killing it so hard that it's time to (dare I say) STOP doing certain things and calm down a bit so you can enjoy life and focus on the important things. Think of it as a way of fine tuning your success! Enjoy the read loves ;)

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Whatever You Do, Positivity Only

There are days when you're on top of your game & there are days where you won't be. There will be days where all you're thinking is "oh my god I should be doing this, this, and this" where you mentally just can't snap to it. That's okay as long as the work gets done and gets done well. No matter how shitty or great you might feel about your strengths and weaknesses for the day, always always ALWAYS remain positive about you and the live you're trying to lead. 

Stop Holding It and GO

Even if you are having to go to the lou every five seconds because you're trying to up your daily water intake, YOU DO YOU and go whenever nature calls. This has to do with your physical health babe - just go.

Calm that Inner Panic when an Email "Seems" Hasty

It's just an email and the other person on the end does not deserve to have that kind of control over you. Email reigns in the professional world so it's time to find a way to communicate the best you can and intake emails with a relentlessly positive attitude. Another thing to think about - the person on the other end probably has a problem with misconstruing emails just like you. We're all doing our best here, so don't stress it!

Thinking that you Have to do Everything

Because you really, really don't. As a young individual, now is the time for us to be a little selfish and learn a lot. Despite what rap we have as millennials, this is our time to make personal decisions for our future. This inevitably means scaling back on certain things that might effect others. You don't have to be at every family dinner, every blogger brunch, or client event. It's more than okay to say no and at times, crucial to say no. 

What are you having a hard time with as a young entrepreneur or pro? It's so important to hash things out and be a resource for each other who are in similar spots of life!

Contact me with your Qs or share your struggles in the comments below!

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