How to Finish the Year Strong

Umm it’s almost November already? Yeah, I know. So effing insane. As another month (and year) comes to the end, it’s time to reflect on those goals and hopes you had back in January so you can end this year strong. Did you achieve the big things on that list? Did you achieve the little things on that list? Are you ahead or behind on your overall goal track/moral compass? Most importantly: are you enjoying life for what it is now and excited for what’s to come? Whether you said yay or nay to either of these Qs, here are some tips to help you check yourself and finish out the rest of 2018 strong (flex em, girl).

Keep Yourself On Track (whether it’s a broken track or not)


If you aren’t using your planner anymore or have completely forgotten what those January goals were, now is the time to pull out that beautifully expensive Target planner and either re-read your already-written goals or finally write down your to do’s down with intention. Write ‘em! Don’t just text them to yourself or type them in your notes app. Just having a simple morning and night routine where you write down and check off after you do it everyday can really help you feel more accomplished and less stressed. I get it, you may not be a “goals” person. That’s what I’ve been saying practically my whole life. But you’d be surprised at how writing down a few little goals can help you feel right back on track with life. No matter what, use the power of goal planning to keep the train a movin’ (no matter the pace).

Plan an Adventure


The easiest and best way to get some inspiration and energy is to get out of your day to day life for a bit. So, it’s time to makes some moves. Moves out of that comfort zone. Moves that get your brain tingling! Enter: a getaway. You don’t need to fly across the world to gain a new perspective on life. Simply do something you’ve never done in the town that you live, plan a weekend camping trip, or jet off to a near state you’ve never been to before that has cheap flights. The point is to make a mini adventure to remind yourself that this life is beautiful and surprising, even in the little ways. Especially in the little ways. This will help give some ease when you’re brainstorming on all that you want to tackle in these last few months of the year and what you want to start planning for 2019.

Soak Up Some Knowledge


Feeling in a bit of a slump as the year comes to a close? Not sure where you’re going? Read some books, listen to a podcast, or take a workshop on something you’ve always been interested in and have yet to try. Again, I’ve never been a reader or eager to listen to pod casts all day. The idea of absorbing any more than I already do can seem overwhelming. But something I’ve learned by moving at my turtle pace? The more you try to learn new things, the more you know what you enjoy and don’t enjoy as well as what’s helpful to your life and what’s not. Knowledge is power and the more you invest in yourself, the more foresight and options you’ll have in the future. So take some time to learn a new skill or freshen up on an old one!

The mindset you have as you finish 2018 can really affect the way you start 2019. We all know this past year was crrraaaazy for many reasons, but you still have you, and that’s all you really need. That sounds cliche, but it’s true. I promise I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t. If you need a simple start, use these tips if you need some inspiration or a new mindset. Make sure you’re in a positive frame of mind and feeling good about what you’re doing in life so you can start the new year fresh!

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Authors: Alanah John and Francesca Navarro

Stock Photography: Alanah John