In OTHER Words: Why Hiring a Stylist is Crucial for Your Brand & Business

In OTHER Words

This week, I get to work with some of my favorite ladies ever! I will be doing some styling for social media entrepreneur Blake Patricia and photographer Taylor Bellais. These are some of the greatest women I know that are constantly working on their brand and business. Blake herself was so kind to tell us all a little bit about my services and how they have helped her and her brand. "In OTHER Words" is a new guest-blogger series that starts today on my blog! Thank you SO much to Blake and I hope you enjoy hearing what she has to say. I am most passionate about helping the growth of small businesses, and being able to do so with my love of styling is something I am incredibly grateful for. Keep scrolling to learn all about my services as well as Blake's! 

Something exciting: I am offering a FREE styling consultation to all you boss babes! YAY!

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Authentica by Francesca

This week, I am getting excited for my monthly photo shoot with photographer Taylor Bellais and stylist Francesca Navarro. I can barely contain my excitement because shooting with these ladies makes for some amazing photos and a fun freaking time! Just a note, photographer Taylor has an amazing special going on right now JUST for us busy entrepreneurs. Visit her site here to know more about it and how you can get super affordable, monthly content for you and your brand! Another way to help perfect your brand and photo shoot sessions? A STYLIST! Which is what I am here to talk about today :)

Authentic Style by Francesca

Authentica by Francesca

That's the name of her game and she is here to help all of us boss babes have smooth and successful photo shoots that are meant to represent us and our brand. Whether it's our portrait sessions, collaboration shoots, or product shots, Francesca has been there to help me with styling shoots from top to bottom. She can help you develop the concept, book vendors like HMUA and venues, supply you with props from her inventory, and of course, make sure your fashion and appearance is on point in the photos. 

Authentica by Francesca (37).jpg

Since her services include being on set of the photo shoot, that means you have a wing woman to help both you and the photographer work at a smooth and efficient pace. It also means that she'll bring some of her SUPER cute and on-trend clothing / accessories from her fashion inventory. Having her on set for this past photo shoot meant no stray hairs, no bra strap pop ups, someone to make me laugh, and someone to make sure my hair and makeup stayed on point. I never really knew how helpful a stylist could be until bringing her on set. She also helped me feel so much more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. So what exactly do her services include? Below is a little breakdown but definitely email her for more info. Her services can be combined as needed but this is simply a guide for you to learn a little more about what she does.  

*Photoshoot Style Services

     -Personal style consultation (via phone or in person)

     -Photoshoot style look book

     -On-set, personal outfit styling and coordination

     -Personal Shopping prior to the photoshoot (you join her or she can go by herself!)


          -Closet consultation where she helps you work with what you've already got!

*Personal Shopping Services (perfect if you are having trouble defining your personal style or in need of a wardrobe revamp)

     -Personal style consultation (via phone or in person)

     -A personal style look book that includes perfect pieces and places to shop for your skin tone, body type, daily life style, and personal style (something that you keep and reference forever and ever!)

     -A closet consultation and / or a personal shopping session

There you have it - all of the reasons that hiring a stylist is SO helpful and crucial for keeping your photos on brand and beautiful. Francesca has been so helpful as a stylist but also as a colleague and friend. She makes sure that you and your brand come first, always reassuring me that I come first in both her business and my business.  You've GOT to check her out, peeps. 

Authentica by Francesca

Check out more of her styled work here!

Authentica by Francesca
Authentica by Francesca