GRL PWR by Lindsey Vee

Handstamped Jewelry for the Modern Girl

Authentica by Francesca

It's an inspiring thing when you make a connection with such talented people. Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Lindsey Voight, creator and founder of Lindsey Vee jewelry. With so much to choose from (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets) I didn't even know where to start when picking out my piece! 

Authentica by Francesca

I was finally able to make a decision after having my eye on this GRL PWR stamped necklace for over a year... No joke LOL. For the future, I will be keeping in mind her custom stamp option, where you can add any name, quote, or phrase to any piece of jewelry. This makes me relly excited because it makes me think "hmm what a perfect Christmas gift" and then "hmm OMG CHRISTMAS!!!!". 

Authentica by Francesca

Basically, Lindsey Vee has created jewelry that is beautiful for every woman & any style out there. Her Instagram consists of nothing but her customer's true, authentic photos sporting her unique jewelry. She is all about the girl power which was one of many reasons I chose this necklace. Thank you so much, Lindsey. You absolutely embody the phrase GRL PWR and I am so glad to have worked with you!


'GRL PWR' Bar Necklace - $15.00

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