A T-Swift 'Reputation' Inspired Styled Shoot


Oooooh you and me we got a big reputation awwww. Sorry. That’s done. As if Taylor Swift didn’t already have a perfect everyday style, her latest album brought everyone a lot more than amazing hits. Her stage outfits and fashion were nothing short of cold hard inspiration and something we all wish we could wear on a daily basis to feel baaaaaaaad. With that said, I’m sure you can only imagine the fun we all had collaborating on this shoot and the incredible fun I had putting the outfits together. To give a little extra, I thought I’d show you the process I went through for styling this shoot and what my photo shoot styling process typically looks like. Scroll to learn more, gorgeousssss (*sung in my T-Swift voice of course)!

Leather… And more Leather.

You’re about to see a lot of badass, leather looks that work perfectly for Fall and upping virtually any type of outfit. Band tee? Throw some leather over it. Dainty lacey blouse? Spice it up with a leather pencil skirt. Neutral-colored, chunky knit sweater? Pull out that leather midi skirt or fun leather leggings. Not only was leather a huge part of our original mood board, it was a huge element to the overall theme that was assigned: A Punk T-Swift Reputation vibe.

The Social Style Co
The Social Style Co
The Social Style Co

The Process

Okay! So let’s get down to the process of styling a photo shoot. What it means to style a shoot:

-creating the concept of the photo shoot and shopping for clothing/accessories or pulling them from your own inventory

-assisting the photographer/hair and makeup artist to maintain the look of the model

-create a mood board that represents the type of outfits you’ll be providing/noting where the team can purchase the clothing/accessories (if you won’t be at the actual shoot)

-bringing the outfits to the shoot and making sure they fit the model and look right throughout the whole shoot

-OR all of the above

For this shoot, I was given an overall concept to work with, made a mood board to match the clothing I planned on pulling, shopped and pulled the clothing/accessories I didn’t already have, formed 8 overall outfits to choose from (we just needed 3-4 but ya know, it’s nice to have options), transported them to the shoot, and assisted during the shoot to dress the model and make sure all outfits looked according to the concept/visual goals.

A Snapshot of the Mood Board & A Behind the Scenes

I want to give a HUUUUUUUUGE thank you to the wonderful creatives that made this shoot happen!

Photography: Andrew Millet Photography

Hair & Makeup: Lauren Edmondson

Model: Madelyn Stewart

Styling: The Social Style Co.

Location: Chateau de Vie