10 Things that Will Get you Off your Phone (via GIFS)

Let's face it, most of us have a hard core addiction to our phones. While they're great for communicating, business, making awesome connections, and just making life a little bit easier, they definitely have their downfalls. Overuse of our phones is famous for over stimulation causing short attention spans, constant distractions, social media comparison, and physical stuff like eye and neck sprain (yikes)! I'm totally not knocking phones (it's crucial for my work & I love being able to connect quickly) but I LOVE when the more nostalgic things in life force me to put mine away for a bit.

Without further ado, let's scroll through the best things in life that will get you off of your phone and enjoying the three dimensional things for a bit (via some of my favorite gifs)!

Taking a Drive

There's nothing better than cruising down a long road with beautiful scenery ahead. Hop in the car, grab your bestie or go solo. Taking a long drive is the best way to waste time and take your mind off life for a bit!

Chillin' with Fam or Friends

It's always nice (and healthy) to reconnect with family and friends. Think about all the things you use to do before you had phones. Simple things like game night, gathering around a fire, or just chatting in a circle are likely to take your eyes away from the screen and create wonderful memories!

Swimming Sesh

It's a common fear of getting phones wet, so what better cure than to put it away and have a little swim sesh? Fill the pool with a million floaties, fill a cooler with your fave drinks, and let the cannon bomb contest begin.

Mini Dance Party

Whether you're by yourself or hanging with friends/family, a mini dance party is always a good idea. Create a playlist with your all time favorite tunes, crank up the volume, and dance 'till you break a little sweat! 

A Workout Class

Let me be the first to say, I'm not big on group classes or boring gym routines, but there are so many fun alternatives to choose from nowadays! The funnest part? Most of the people in classes like Zumba, pilates, aerial yoga, or surf board yoga (the funnest classes I've ever tried) feel a bit weary of their talents too, so there's no pressure and it's a great way to laugh at yourself whilst getting a great workout. 

A Cruise

I know it's unrealistic to hop on a cruise just to get away from reality, but I highly recommend one for your next vacay! I went on my first cruise this past year and I was forced to take care of business before we went, since we were going to have zero internet connection for a week. Without our phones, we had the best time re-connecting with zero distractions and some of the best sleep ever had!

Reminiscing & Laughing Your Butt Off

We all need a good belly-laugh every now and then. Make it a point to meet up with that friend you always find yourself laughing with. It'll take you away from technology and put you in a mood of joyful histeria!

Reading a Great Book

I'm still working towards becoming a reader myself, but I know the power of getting lost in a great book. It makes you use a little bit of imagination and can take you to another place for a bit. Re-read one of your favorites or try something new! 

A Cooking Class

Feel like a real Goodfella while chopping up some garlic in your local cooking class. It's good for the soul to learn new things and it's always nice to expand your cooking portfolio. The best part about a cooking class? The directions will be laid out for you (so no scrolling through phones for a recipe) and you'll get some hands on attention! 

Trying Something New

How long has it been since you've tried something new? Again, I believe that trying new things nourishes the soul and can lead to amazing opportunities. Think about all the things you've always wanted to try, do a little research on how you can get the best experience, and go for it! #Nohesitation #Noragrets

At the very least, I hope you're feeling a bit of inspiration! Intentionally getting off your phone for a bit can lead to great memories and experiences that we don't realize we're missing when aimlessly scrolling through Instagram.

With that said, how do you like to breakaway from your phone for a bit?! Share with everyone in the comments below!