I'm With the Band: 5 Ways to Rock a Band Tee

I'm With the Band 🤘

It's not everyday that you get to rock a band tee, but it can be! From the office to a night out, see how you can get creative with your classic band collection and add a bit of edge to each occasion!


Photos via Shelby Bell Photography

Put Your Big Girl Pants On

No one does it like Gigi! This is a look that anyone can pull off, no matter your shape, size, age, or style. Pick you favorite trousers or work pants and pair accordingly with the perfect colored band tee. Throw on a patent belt to tie the whole look together and finish it all off with some cool girl platforms. 

Image via Who What Wear

Image via Who What Wear

Chic It Up with a Blazer

Blazers are just so YAS. I love throwing them on over any outfit. It gives instant chicness and style to an outfit that seems so blah. It also gives just the right refinery to a band tee but still keeps things bad ass. Like a true rock star, allow your pop of color to come from some seriously stylish, funky boots.

Image via  Last Night's Look

Turn Up the Volume with Leather

Image via  The Nomis Niche

Image via The Nomis Niche

Who doesn't love a leather look? With instant moto-vibes, it pairs perfectly with a grunge-chic band tee. The beauty is that the leather or tee can be any color on the spectrum. Have a red leather skirt? Pair it with a band tee that's filled with similar reds. Prefer to have some block coloring? Pair the red number with a simple band tee like this simple Ramone's shirt. So long as there's an overall cohesive look, the pairing possibilities are endless!

Mix and Match with Patterns & Prints

Image via  US

Image via US

If I could wear a nice leopard print coat all day, every day I'd be a happy girl. Pair that with a band tee and you've got the happiest gal in the land. I've always said when in doubt, implement leopard or length. Working with leopard print welcomes so many different colors, neutrals, and textures. Wearing a maxi-sized coat or dress allows for so many layered ideas and fun accessory pairing. Having a trench coat or kimono that's both? MAGIC YA'LL.

Keep it Classy with a Suit

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

The pant suit bravely made its way into 2018, allowing fashionistas to pair basically anything and everything in a chic, bad ass way. What better way to spice up a pant suit than with a band tee? It keeps things simple and combines preppy-chic & band chick vibes beautifully.

How do you rock your vintage tees? I could stare at band tee outfits allllllll day so please share your favorite styles in the comments below!

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