Brighten Up Your Wardrobe For Winter

Winter is here..and so is winter fashion! Now is the time to bust out the scarves, gloves, coats, and cute boots you’ve been stashing in the back of your closet. It’s also the time to master the art of keeping color in the ‘drobe whilst being bundled in classically dark winter colors. Typically, it’s the season dedicated to deep reds, browns, burnt oranges, and blacks but it doesn’t have to be. Ready to master this balancing act and keep your personal style poppin’ throughout the cold season? Let’s do this!

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Sassy Scarves

As mentioned, scarves are always a necessity for those cold winter days/nights and can also be used to spice up your outfit while keeping you warm. Using a bright colored scarf like a solid yellow or red is a simple way to add to your outfit. Even a patterned scarf with bright colors can add the sass you didn’t know you needed. 

Jackets Of Course

If you think you’ll be using a jacket or hearty sweater this winter, why not use one that adds color to any outfit? This is the most effortless way to lighten up your everyday wardrobe. A cute white pea coat or light blue zip-up jacket is the perfect piece of clothing to brighten up your winter days.

Simple Bling

Jewelry is a must to finish and refine any outfit. It’s also an easy must when it comes to adding a pop of color to your wardrobe. Whether it be your favorite pair of vintage earrings, a statement necklace, or a stack of bracelets, this is the easiest way to add color and oomph to an otherwise ‘drab’ winter outfit . 

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Another easy way to incorporate color into your winter outfit is with shoes. Wearing a bright colored shoe with a darker colored shirt + pant combo creates a cute contrast and outfit focal point. Don’t own bright colored shoes? Socks are also a simple way to brighten up your attire. Add some colored socks with your black winter boots and you’re good to go!

It’s in the Bag

Last but not least, the perfect bag (or any accessory for that matter) can solve all of your creative outfit ruts this winter. It’s an item used everyday so why not give it a multi-use? Even a cute clutch or a cross-body purse can lighten up those dark winter colors.

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We may be far from summer but the bright colors can easily be carried through the year with these simple tips and tricks. Not only does a simple dash of color make a whole outfit come together, it can make those cold, bundled days seem a lot less uncomfortable and a lot more fun! We’d love to hear how you’re incorporating color in your winter outfits this year. Share in the comments below!

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