Highlights that Happened & What's to Come

Happy new year everyone! I just want to give a huge thanks to all of you. Thank you for being so supportive in my journey since starting my business. Thank you for making me laugh, for inspiring me, and for making my life so wonderful to live! I only want the best for all of you too and seriously hope that 2018 is already treating you beautifully. I will be forever thankful for 2017, as so many amazing things happened. After graduating college in 3 years, starting a blog, turning that blog into a business, working with some badass women, and taking on some amazing clients, topping the past year ain't gonna be easy but I get S U P E R excited thinking about what's to come! To see those amazing things in pic form, keep scrolling. To see what's to come, keep following along on here and on social media. It's only up from here, guys. N O W   L E T S   G E T   IT!

Highlights: People & Events

When I look back on 2017, a good word to sum it up is "thankful". I can't even begin to describe how much gratitude I feel in my heart for all of the support and encouragement I have received. It's a beautiful thing to have people believe in you! To my Mom for giving me the coolest home office and believing in me more than I believe in myself, to my boyfriend being all for me "quitting" my day job to start something new and scary, and to one of my biggest role models Blake for teaching me all that I know, I have a seriously supportive "corner" in life. And to all my blogger ladies, who endlessly inspire me, I am so lucky to have formed awesome relationships with you all. Ultimately, I have learned that true success in life is helping others become the best they can be. I love you guys!

The Social Style
Image via  Taylor Bellais  

Image via Taylor Bellais 

What's to Come

Alright guys. If 2017 wasn't crazy enough, 2018 is about to get #real. After finally registering my business, going through some re-branding with Woman vs. Machine and landing on a business name that I feel really good about, it's time for a mini-launch that's about to bring you some really great, helpful content on all things fashion styling, social media presence, business, blogging, and photography. In the mean time, hit me with your questions on what you want to learn more about. After all, I'm able to do this thang because of you guys and I want to give you the best I've got! Here's a little sneak peak ;)

Branding by  Woman vs. Machine

Branding by Woman vs. Machine