A Versatile Valentine's Day: The Perfect Outfits

You know I can't resist creating outfits for every holiday, especially one that allows for so much color and romance! Whether you're staying in with your boo or hitting the town with your best girls, let's get ready together by taking a peak inside your closet. Since some of us are (still) recovering from the holidays and may or may not have spent all their giftcard money, it's important to use our resources when it comes to creating a killer outfit (s). Best way to do that? VERSATILITY - one of my favorite words in the English language. Keep scrolling to get some inspiration on outfits and how to create them with things you most likely already have in your closet! 

Chill Chic

I know what you might be thinking with this one, but don't be afraid to pair your casual pieces with something as simple as a black (or other neutral color) heel. You'd be surprised what little details helps take an outfit from blah to bangin'. Pull out your casuals (sweats, jeans, tank top dresses, etc.) and start to play around with them a bit!

Key pieces: black heels, cute sweats or jeans, black top

The Social Style

Retro Lover

If you're wanting to play dress up but still keep things simple, tapping into your favorite generational era is the way to go! It allows you to wear the basics while staying super stylish. Keep in mind that not every piece has to be retro though. You know you've got those funky pieces in your jewelry box. Start with those and pair from there! For example, if you own really cool hoop earrings, pair it with a neck scarf, thigh high boots, and/or a bell sleeve top for a super cute 60s look. If you have a great blazer, pair it a simple tee and bigger hair than usual for a subtle 80s look!

Key pieces: funky/retro jewelry or accessories, neutral bottoms or dress,  simple black booties, flared top or bottoms

The Social Style

Moto Ready

Another great go-to style - badassery. A leather jacket has magical powers when it comes to completing a look and is the queen of versatility. I'm a strong believer that you can pair one with anything and slay. Pair this with a subtle dress or top/bottom combo and you're winning. A leather jacket also helps bring in a louder accent such as a colorful pair of shoes or jewelry. So if you're blessed with a great leather jacket, get rockin' and roll with anything in your closet.

Key pieces: leather jacket, colorful accessory, simple dress

The Social Style

If you look back at all of these outfits collectively, they can all somehow interchangeably work with each other... That's how you know all these pieces are versatility-based. So get to shopping in your own closet and keep these pin-pointers in mind! Now go and enjoy the day of loooooove with your favorite person :) Happy Valentine's Day!

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