Easy & Comfortable Ways to Accent Your Style & Body Type

Lately, I've been paying veeery close attention to my wardrobe. Instead of buying just anything, I have made an effort to slowly re-vamp my closet with things that are of quality (in fit and material), their versatility (duh), cuteness in style, and most importantly: things that accentuate my best features but keep me in absolute comfort. Basically, if it doesn't fit both my style and the craziness of my life, then it is a no-go. Making sure a wardrobe adheres to both personal style & comfort is my number one rule with my clients.  Please have faith that these two things are possible and keep scrollin' to learn how! 

Shop Consciously (Sorta)

Start by having some fun. I say, that if you see something that catches your eye and your heart, it's a must that you at least try it on. Unless you're needing some basic pieces (tees or denim), you can truly let the pieces find you and not the other way around. For the first few times, try and make sure you're not purchasing something just because it's currently on trend. If it isn't you, just make a conscious effort to move on (for now). So that I don't ramble on, here is an example of my new shopping-thought process:

     -Things I know about myself:

               -I love a simple look with a little bit of flair

               -I have a pear shaped body figure

               -I am constantly running around town


               -I have been grabbing pieces that have a subtle yet fun accent / embellishment to them (ties in the front, ruffled sleeves, sequins or a unique neckline)

               -I have been focusing on tops that accentuate my neckline & waitline & bottoms that don't hug too tight

Authentica by Francesca
Authentica by Francesca

Effective Accessories

Believe in the power of effective accessories! Since I became an adult and bought a real leather belt, life has been so much easier. It takes my mom-jean shorts from frumpy to waist-cinching and allows me to tuck in my shirts, something I love to do and something that's always good for my body type. Don't be afraid to utilize belts, scarves, or even ribbon to cinch that beautiful waist line of yours & just have fun with it. Here's a list of some other effective accessories:

Leather Belt (good for casual and professional looks)

Concho Belt (good for belting dresses, denim, and skirts)

Silk Scarves (good for tying up your hair, as a belt, and tying around your wrist, ankle, purse, or of course, your neck)

Authentica by Francesca
Authentica by Francesca

Create Dimensions

When it comes to showing off your curves, creating some dimension is key. A way that I like to do this, and stay comfy, is wearing anything high waist (skirt, shorts, denim, slacks) and pairing that with a tied up shirt. With this, you can really use any shirt that you love to wear. The area that each piece of clothing meets makes for a shapely, trendy look. With the skirt pictured below, I could have paired one of my favorite tee shirts, a tank, or an actual crop top!

*A good rule of thumb that is on-trend right now: high waist bottoms with a top knotted or tied in front.

Authentica by Francesca
Authentica by Francesca

Take it Easy on Yourself

This post in particular is my official way to tell you, find clothing that fits everything about you. If it doesn't catch your eye (or your heart), doesn't fit your lifestyle, or make you feel like your true, bad ass self, move on. And yes, I give you my word, that this type of wardrobe is absolutely possible and achievable. Just remember to give a little effort but also take it easy on yourself when it comes to your style and body shape. 

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Photos by Taylor Bellais