20% Off the Perfect Holiday Event Clothing

Now that we're getting to those swanky holiday events, it's always fun to consider a new and improved wardrobe as far as statement pieces! Not only am I S O excited to wear the Get Wired dress for my upcoming birthday, there's so many other Balia Boutique pieces that are on my "to purchase" list!

Owner, Siara Rochell is an absolute boss and one of the kindest people I know! When we were able to work together on styling her newest arrivals, I was so excited to get started and show everyone the goods! In need of some simple, classy, versatile pieces? Scroll on to see and visit Balia Boutique's newest arrivals here!

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Get Wired Dress


Flor Jumpsuit


I have much love for this boutique & Siara's brand and what it stands for. I've had nothing but inspiring, fun, and reliable vibes ever since we started working together. I had a blast styling at her last fashion show, getting to see so many others see how amazing her Fall/winter selection is. Whether you're going to a neighborhood white elephant party or a holiday charity event, Balia Boutique caters to any event. Interested in how some of the clothing fits/advice on how to style them? Hit my with your Qs below!

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Photos via: Siara Rochell