Spring Haul Report

Since we have such a bipolar weather system here in Arizona, I figured throwing a little bit of summer trend in with my Spring haul report wouldn’t be so terrible. I mean it is already hitting over eighty degrees so why not right?! First off, getting myself to shift into sunny-friendly clothes was not an easy task. This is because, and I know some of you know the struggle, my closet was filled with nothing but the color black.  With a little effort, time commitment, and a some saving I was able to totally transform my closet from dark and dingy to subtle and colorful. It was the first time in forever that I had gone shopping and it was going to be a while before I got to go again so I wanted to make this haul count! I wanted my new wardrobe to be versatile, different, affordable, and NO DARK PIECES.

Authentica by Francesca Style and Design

To make it affordable I had to do a little sacrificing. Since I was sick of my wardrobe and just needed NEW I decided to take a bunch of nicer yet older pieces to Buffalo Exchange. Since they can be a little picky with their selection, I knew I had to get rid of a couple of gems so that’s what I did. They did take the gems but actually left me with some of my cute stuff still. If I can let go of my classic gems, so can you TRUST ME. Usually, cash is what you want over store credit but I did’t want to spend the money on anything but clothing. I took the $75 store credit and ran with it. I actually gathered up so much of their clothing in the fitting room I had to try it all on in two different shifts! But in my defense I had a date with my sister to go and see Beauty and the Beast. After the movie was over, I rushed back to Buffalo and finished trying on my finds. 

Authentica by Francesca Style and Design Phoenix Arizona

So what did I score? Surprisingly, I was attracted to a lot of Anthropologie and Boho inspired pieces which has never been a style I’m usually attracted to. Every time I saw a shirt or dress I just thought VERSATILITY BABY. Each thing that I bought can go from the office to casual wear to going out for a night on the town. I started to receive a lot of compliments at work and just felt better as I was stepping out into the world each day after making quite an abnormal accomplishment for myself- not hiding behind dark colors. Even better, all my new stuff goes with my shoe crew!

Authentica by Francesca Style and Design Phoenix Arizona

Hopefully this Spring/Summer haul motivates you the next time you go shopping or to drop what you are doing and go right now! Whether you dread or love shopping, never be afraid to change things up a bit and always keep in mind that black tops and denim do not own you. You don’t need black to have a trendy outfit, to hide your figure, or just make things easier for yourself. There is so much simplicity and body friendliness in choosing pieces with color and personality. Now go forth, shop wildly and confidently!