My Senior Grad Pic Recap

So I am sure you’ve seen a lot of posts involving styled senior photo shoots. You might be wondering exactly what I do and how I go about connecting with people to help them style their shoots. First off, it has been such a fun journey and at the age of 22 I have finally found what my passion is- styling! So I just want to thank everyone who has let me come on site to their shoots and let me try my hand at styling. So what exactly do my styling services include when it comes to photo shoots? This can range from having me coordinate the whole shoot to going shopping with you for outfits to simply making sure your hair and makeup stays in place while shooting. It all depends on what the client is interested in paying for and it always seems to be the help they need in areas they lack- like pairing outfits together.

Authentica by Francesca Style and Design (4).jpg

I have mostly connected with college seniors that one, want someone on site helping them keep things in place and two, just want that extra support while feeling not so confident in front of the camera. I love this part of my services as it is what I struggle with theeee most as a blogger. If you have ever seen Talladega Nights where Ricky Bobby doesn’t know what to do with his hands while being interviewed on camera, this is me one hundred and fifty percent when it comes to posing for the camera. I love to help others who have this problem feel like they look great on camera but still stay true to their natural, non-model selves. It’s important to know that you do not have to be a model to have successful pictures. It is also important to know that depending on who your photographer is, they won’t always know how or have time to fix the little things like fly away hairs or what your best angles are. This is where the importance of having a stylist really goes unnoticed.

Authentica by Francesca Style and Design

After seeing a lot of other seniors get their pictures taken, it was finally my turn to get in front of the camera. Again, this is where I absolutely freeze up and become such a weirdo. Just as I want to instill confidence and trust into my styling clients, I wanted that for myself as well. This is why I made sure to have hair and makeup professionally done, at an affordable rate, and to have a photographer that I trusted. Thanks to Dakota Navarro and Ryan King, I had just that and it made for a successful shoot! Another recommendation- shopping and finding an outfit or two that you are completely comfortable and confident in. This is where you can have some fun but also play it safe. Go with the styles that you know are flattering and comfortable for you but do not be afraid to choose it in a color you usually stray away from. While you are shopping, it is important to keep into consideration the way your outfits will look combined with your setting and what it will look like once you print it out on an invite or announcement. For example, choosing a soft floral design over a solid black and white design would flow better with a nature or campus background. The black dress that I went with was basically the opposite of what I initially wanted. I had a soft floral wrap dress in mind for the longest time but as I tried them on, I could not find one that I thought would look good in pictures or make me feel comfortable. I absolutely wanted to stay away from black as this is what I always wear, but once I had put the dress on, it was like love at first sight and it fit like a glove.

Authentica by Francesca Style and Design
Authentica by Francesca Style and Design

Photo via Ryan King

Now that I have been on both sides of the grad shoots, I have realized how important these little things are: a trusty photographer, a stylist, a good outfit or two. With these simple things,  it is my promise that you will not only have a successful photo shoot but you will also have gain more confidence in front of the camera. This is what a lot of us seem to be needing lately but just know that I am right around the corner if you are in need of any help with photo shoots- no matter the occasion.