What to Wear: Valentine's Day

Now that you know what you want to do for the big fat day of love, it's time for me to step in where I am useful: the outfit #duh. The thing about knowing what to wear on this day is that it easily breaks down into 3 different types of outfits.  Also use this to make your day more enjoyable and comfortable. After all, love is what makes you feel at home. Arrange the right outfit and you've got yourself a great start in achieving that. Read on!

Kickin' It

This goes perfectly with my last blog post! I would typically be in one of my guy's big t shirts and raggedy sweat pants but ya know, do it for the blog. After a weekend of kickin' it this weekend, I noticed that having a good shower before I start to lazy around makes me feel refreshed and less like a bum. Throwing a few curls in my hair also became a part of a more presentable at-home date and again, just made me feel better in general! Makeup or none, just makes sure you feel refreshed but ready to do not a damn thing, as my Mom would say. 


Casual Outing

I have to start by giving this outfit credit to my Mom. I started to pretend like I was going on an actual casual date and of course, felt so lost in my darker-toned wardrobe. Thanks for the stripes, Mama! The best thing about this outfit is the versatility (one of my fave words FYI) due to the casual opportunities. Instead of some heels, throw on some flat sandals or sneaks. Instead of a blouse and a scarf, throw on your favorite band tee and a leather jacket. Add a little color to the lips and a casual yet classic date ensemble is set!


Fancy (No) Pants

When it comes to getting fancy with it, getting comfort is also a necessity. Especially if you're wanting to keep the outing low-stress and enjoyable. One way to do this is to dress specifically to your body type and attributes. Take yourself shopping! Another thing to keep in mind, specifically toward Valentine's day, is that you do not have to confine yourself to pinks, whites, or reds. Instead, choose your color. The classic holiday colors don't do much for my complexion or desired color vibe, so that is why I always choose one of my colors for a formal date. The color that I chose here, olive green, goes well with not only my similar green eyes but my tricky-pairing skin and hair colors as well. I am also not (currently) comfortable in anything like a body-con dress, hence the more bell shaped off-the-shoulder ties, which I love! I would choose a heel for this outfit but that is totally a personal choice and they would be a much lower height than what is pictured. Something that I also want to fit to my comfort is my hair. I love a classy + messy up-do, as Lauren Conrad is one of my idols.

You don't have to adhere to all of the basic trends to stand out on your formal date. Some of the wisest words from my Grandma: always choose clothing that fits to your liking, never the way around. 


I SO hope that you just have a great time this weekend or on the 14th. You are in no way obligated to dress a certain way, go to a certain event, or go on a date just because it's Valentine's day. With all of the craziness going on, all you have to do it make your person/people feel the love. Happy shopping, loves!