Recap: Nolan Haus Styled Shoot

At the start of September, I got to be a part of my first styled shoot... as the MODEL. The idea of this initially scared the hell out of me because I am the perfect awkward goofball when in front of a camera. It's not that I hate taking pictures, I just feel so silly posing and pretending to be the model that I am just so not at heart. But with some encouragement and support, I decided to suck it up and have fun with it, especially because I love to get out of my comfort zone and try new and scary things. After all, stuff like this means great practice for the blog!

So, this blog post is a huge THANK YOU to those at Nolan Haus for one, getting me way out of my comfort zone and two, allowing me to be a part of their super exciting launch. I have loved every minute of it since <3

To find out what I learned about being a part of a styled shoot and launching a small business on social media, read on! 

First, What is Nolan Haus?

This shoot was to launch the very new business that sells the foliage walls you see pictured. Soon to be married Ryan Nolan and Blake Patricia came up with the idea of hand-making and renting the walls to anyone, but mostly aiming toward those in the wedding industry. For example,a couple might want to rent one (or two!) for the perfect photobooth backdrop, sweetheart table background, or as a designated are for gifts or open bar at their wedding. These can also be rentals for local wedding planners and destination event managers. Ryan and Blake are so flexible and willing to work with basically any type of situation for your event or wedding. Visit here to inquire about the beautiful rentals!

What I Learned

First off, there is quite a bit that goes into a styled shoot but just know that they are so fun and worth it. With a little hard labor and resourcefulness, putting on a styled shoot is where you can really let out the creativity of your favorite ideas and inspirations. Think of it as an opportunity to display all of those cool Pinterest set ups that always catch your eye. For this specific shoot, a few things were required to make it Pinterest wedding-worthy:

          -A florist

          -Greenery (Nolan Haus wall!)

          -A dress

          -A wedding photographer

          -A location

          -Perfect lighting

If you're able to get your hands on anything remotely close to these things (use your resources!) you can have an amazing shoot with the Nolan Haus walls, wedding-related or not.I have been thinking about renting one of the walls for a spring-wear blog post because of the perfect green foliage background - stay tuned! 

Getting some talented people together, like photographer Ryann Lindsey and cinematographer Cass and Co. Films, to be a part of your small business launch can be so helpful to its initial success. the more people you can tag as part of the launch, the better. It's helpful to not only your business but to the other vendors as well. It just so happened that on the day of the shoot, I had also scheduled a hair appointment at Toni and Guy earlier in the day and my sister Dakota is a makeup artist. Just like that, Toni and Guy and Styled by Dakota became a part of the shoot's success and a part of the launch overall. So, always remember to tag tag tag in your blog and social media posts!

Again, I want to thank Nolan Haus and all of these amazing vendors for making me feel so comfortable modeling for my first styled shoot ever. I highly recommend keeping these vendors in mind when looking for their services, as they are not only incredibly talented at their trade, but they are also some of the nicest people I have ever interacted with- especially in a professional setting.

Good luck and don't be afraid to start scheduling and creating your own styled shoots. Visit my contact page to collaborate!

Photos Ryann Lindsey Photography

Film Cass and Co. Films

Venue Soho63

Ring Shane Company

Fabric Silk and Willow

Bouquet Ribbon Frou Frou Chic

Florals The Petal Theory

Model Francesca Navarro

Makeup Styled by Dakota

Coordination Blake Patricia

Dress and Designer Brilliant Bridal and Wtoo by Watters

Headpiece Brilliant Bridal