To All my Twenty-Somethings: Let's Crush It

Within the past year, I have had a lot of ups and downs when it comes to sticking to my desired work field because as we all know, this means being flat broke a lot of the time. However, it has paid off ten times over with the wonderful, inspiring people that I have formed relationships with. I’ve also gotten to be a part of some really great women-empowerment events and one of those is Blake Patricia’s Crush It Power Hour. Not only is this event tailored for inspiring us twenty-somethings, it can lead us to so many other amazing opportunities. To learn more about the event and see what those opportunities are, read on!

Crush It Power Hour Authentica by Francesca

Crush It Power Hour

One of those amazing things that I have ran into by sticking to my desired career field is an internship with Blake Patricia as a social media content curator. This lady is boss goals in every way and is all about giving back to her surrounding community, mainly toward those of us who were once in her position. This is what Crush It is and who she puts it on for. All women of the twenty something ages are invited to come and hear local and inspirational business women talk about their journeys to success, including Blake herself! This event also includes fun things like free food, giveaways, and pop up shops from local boutiques, all hosted at a super rock and roll hotel called the Moxy, Tempe.

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Pop Up Shop and Clothing by Obsessed AZ

Crush It Power Hour Authentica by Francesca
Crush It Power Hour Authentica by Francesca


Another great thing about Crush It, aside from the $5 tickets, is the opportunity it holds for the women that attend. Blake herself loves to make herself a resource for those looking to get into the business, marketing, and bridal industries. The inspirational speakers that she brings in are also a good resource for things like a possible internship or job. When I say that this event can bring you opportunities, the intern and jobs are a big part of that, but I can’t even begin to describe the beautiful people you will undoubtedly meet. I have made some really great connections with these like-minded, driven women by collaborating with them on things like blog posts, photoshoots, and just some fun brunch dates! Not only are they trying to crush it every day but they are also interested in being there for their fellow crushing-boss babes as a companion.

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Crush It Power Hour Authentica by Francesca
Crush It Power Hour Authentica by Francesca
Obsessed AZ Crush It Power Hour Authentica by Francesca

To all of my fellow twenty -somethings, I want to thank you for showing me how to #crushit lately. I am so lucky to have found you. I LOVE AND LOOK UP TO YOU ALL<3

Interested in attending one of our Crush It events? Email with any questions you might have about getting a ticket or coming in as a vendor or speaker!



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Braid Bar by Cassidy Applebach

Kinsley with Couple of Bartenders

Noelle with Fresh From the Kitchen

Drinks by the Moxy Tempe

Thursday, February 23rd
Moxy Tempe
1333 South Rural Road
Tempe, AZ 85281
6:30 - 8:00 PM