The Best Feel Good Movies & Snacks for the Holiday Season

You may not know this, but I've always been a movie girl. Some people retain information about history, academics, or fun facts, I've always retained movie info like quotes and their scores. I'm not really sure why but movies have been a passion of mine since I can remember. While my favorite movies are Forrest Gump, Good Fellas, and Almost Famous, I thought I'd do a movie/snack list for those who don't really love the classic Christmas movies during the holiday season. Most might be considered "chick flicks" but they're also classics that anyone can learn to love, especially if there's food involved! Feel free to screenshot this list and gather your besties for a holiday-not-so-holiday movie night!



This one becomes an instant feel-good film due to it being all about F O O D. With a little humor and a lot of culture, you'll want to include a cuban-inspired meal or takeout.

When Harry Met Sally

This will forever be one of my absolute F A V E S. I could (and have) watch this over and over again and never tire of it. Get your favorite chocolate and a bottle of a sweet red and you're all set!

Sleepless in Seattle

I say this movie because Tom Hanks and (another) Meg Ryan. Nuff said. Make yourself some coffee or coco as the Seattle setting will be giving you all the feels! 

While you Were Sleeping

See Sandra Bullock in her hay day as she runs around during the holiday season falling for her "fiance's" brother. Hot cocoa and chocolate-covered popcorn required!

The Family Stone

This one has quite a mood but has the perfect cast of celebs. Since this is one of my family member's favorites (my tia who is obsessed with Christmas movies/food like me) it's only right that you grab these goodies per her request: donuts and coffee!


Again, this one is strictly for food feels. Make yourself some chile hot chocolate and pick up some baked goods from the market. The focus on Hispanic culture makes for a relative story line for my fellow Latinas that you'll instantly fall in love with.

The Holiday

Given the fact that this is set in London during Christmas time, it's the cutest feel-good movie for the holidays. Follow any of these puppy chow recipes paired with a sweet red for the perfect snack!

Love Actually

While you're not required to watch the whole 2.5 hour movie, this one is simply a no brainer. With the beautifully extensive cast and London setting, make yourself some tea and chocolate chip cookies for the perfect movie night!

What are your go-to holiday movies and snacks?!

I wanted to give you tips on something not business or blog related for the holidays, and aside from advising you to spend it with the ones you love, this is the best way I know how - movies and food. Is there anything better than that? Kick back in your jammies and enjoy!