V Day: Kickin' it


If you're sick of making huge plans for every little thing, so much so that you and your person would just like to spend some time together, then adhere to these simplistic, out of the box ideas for V-Day! Don't let the commercialization get to you. This day is to celebrate those you love and basically, just do whatever the hell you feel like doing. Read on!

Get Candle Lit

Photo via  Lo Bjurulf

Photo via Lo Bjurulf

Now, you don’t have to go all out like what you see pictured. To keep it simple, all you need is a few tealight candles, flowers in a vase (separate from the bouquet that you give to your S.O.), some delicious yet simple food like pasta and ice cream, and a nice light setting to the room you decide to have the dinner in. If you need specific décor ideas, this is a date that I have personally, and successfully might I add, set up for my Valentine’s date a few years ago. Let’s just name this is our “Love Hub Set Up” throughout the blog post! What you need to do:

Buy 5 helium heart balloons (Dollar store) and let them naturally space out around the room

Create a personalized playlist with both of your favorite songs + some classic love songs (I created a good starter playlist on Spotify)

If you have it, pop on The Notebook in the background and just let it run on mute

Let the candles light the room for you but don't sit completely in the dark (you can switch on a light or two)

We know that some of these seem really cheesy, but they are just an easy way of setting the mood without spending too much money on décor or having to go out and deal with the busy restaurant wait times.


Smorgasbord and Wine

Photo via  Ann Street Studio

Again, don’t get scared off by these deliciously pictured wine and bruschetta boards. You can truly have any type of food you want. Don't let the blog world fool you- get messy and throw some weirdness on your own board with Boone's Farm if that's how you roll. Weather it’s gourmet bruschetta you decide to craft up or stick a two for $7 pizza in the oven, find something that will go well with wine! If you want it to specifically be a wine night, take it as an opportunity to try some of the wines you’ve always wanted to experience and then have fun with it! Here are some of the main wines to try if you haven’t dabbled in it much and what types of food to pair it with:



     Spicy/Asian Food

     White chocolate





Sauvignon Blanc


     Salad (Light dressing)

     Dark chocolate

To make it even easier on yourself, check out this Babble guide to wine and pizza pairings! Do not forget to take advantage of wine prices at places like BevMo! where it’s BOGO $.5 for some. Add the Love Hub Set Up and you've absolutely out done the night!


Let's Not Go to the Lobby

Photo via Ten Thousand Villages

Photo via Ten Thousand Villages

While this might look like a lot of work, all you need to do is throw every single blanket, mattress, and pillow that you own into the living room. A string of lights will definitely give some mood to the fort (achem Love Hub Set Up) but make sure you don’t over complicate something that's supposed to be so fun, a 5 year old could do it. Grab a pizza with your fave toppings, some Yoo-hoo, movie theater candy, and you're set! Just like choosing to buy the Yoo-hoo or not, picking your favorite movies to watch is totally up to you. 

While there aren’t too many ideas listed above and they pretty much all include p i z z a, just know that they're all versatile. Meaning, they can be put on for a party of one, two, or ten! Age reqs for each idea can vary but putting on a Valentine’s celebration with kids can always be easily accommodated with baby sitters, sleepovers, and just wanting to spend some time with them too. I mean, I don't have 'em, but kids are pretty cool. You also have some time before the big fat day of love, so feel free to get creative with some spin-off ideas and always keep this in mind: have fun, show your person/people that you care, and get creative. 

Happy month of love, loves <3