So You Wear a Lot of Black

The Social Style Co

We all do. It is time for us to stop shaming ourselves for it. Some of the greatest fashion moguls of all time are always dressed in black- you can't tell them or me that they don't know what they're doing. Black allows you to create an endless amount of style tricks and masterpieces, such as:

-Comfy or dressy
-Use of loud/fun jewelry/accessories
-Use of pops of color in hair/makeup/etc.
-Perfect pairing for both gold + silver [together or a part]
-Creating multiple go-to outfits
-Drenching yourself in it as an excuse to look Goth if you don't feel like speaking with anyone that day

-A very easy way to look professional and put together with minimal effort

-Everyone relates because again, everyone has a lot of black

See! You can't keep forcing yourself to get rid of your black staples- even if you have fifty of them. Of course three black turtle necks or crop tops might be unnecessary, but you know why you keep those certain pieces around. So stop thinking you have to explain it to anyone. What I will advise against: constantly dressing in black to hide who you are. Working at discovering your style is an absolute must when it comes to self-esteem and confidence. Do not let color intimidate you or make you think you don’t have the personality for it. You will find your color eventually. While I love but can’t really pull off the trendy mustard color lately, just think how you might be able to look stunning in it! All in all, just know that you can be your confident and stylish self whether you're wearing a freaking rainbow or the "color of death". It's your rainbow. It's your color of death. Own it and you may even be able to move on to rocking a brown paper bag over your head. This is something that I truly believe in. WEAR IT AND WORK IT!

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