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What's up, friends!? I hope life is treating you well and you are as ready for the Fall transition as I am! With Fall comes reason for some quick getaway trips to enjoy the weather and that peacefulness that seems to permeate in the air. With that said, I thought I would conjure up some super simple tips on how to pack like a pro, making it super easy to get the heck out of dodge! Enjoy and if you have any tried & true packing tips, comment them below! 

Use Your Resources


You know those cute favor party bags you get after your #extra blogger friend hosts a party? Keep those types of things, always! I use this #fiesta bag for SO much which held my party favors at my graduation party. Not only do I use it at photoshoots to hold hair pieces and safety pins, I take them on vacation to hold jewelry and Q Tips. Basically anything little, I put in these baggies! Shop more bags like it on Etsy. They're also just good enough for holding and protecting your sunglasses and keeping all your lip sticks in. Whatever floats your boat, think small and efficient when it comes to packing the little things!

Neutrals = Your BFF

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I know that I've probably blogged this idea to death, but it's something that I swear by. If you're looking for the a convenient route, any shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories, or dresses, that are of neutral colors will be your best friend when on vacay. Denim, a white tee, cognac belt, and peach slip ons? That's one outfit down. Take those slip ons and the best and pair them with your cotton LBD, check on the second outfit! See what I'm getting at here? You've got this!

Ones, Twos, Threes

Packing for a quick trip? Truly as easy as one, two, three. I won't bore you with words too much when it comes to this. Here's my guide for the amount of things I should bring. Depending on your personal style, you'll definitely want to switch it up when it comes to material and whether you wear dresses or tees & denim more. If you have faith in yourself, neutrals, things you already own, and this chart, you're about to have the comfiest, coolest, stylish, easiest trip ever! Have fun!

-1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of slip on sandals, 1 pair of buckled sandals = 3 pairs of shoes

-1 denim jacket

-1 cardigan or sweater

-1 piece of statement jewelry

-2 pairs of denim

-2 neutral cotton dresses

-3 neutral tees

-3 different jewelry accessories (dainty necklace, simple statement earrings, and / or bangles)

The Social Style Co

There you have it! Overall, just make sure you don't overthink it and that you just get started. With the right amount of accessories and neutral pieces, you're life on vacay will be stylish yet simple. I wish you fun and safety on your travels and would love to know where your headed!?

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