Origins: Gin Zing Facial Routine

It's not every day that I get to try out some A W E S O M E beauty products! This is my second-ever beauty product review here on AUTHBYF and I am so excited to share the feedback with you! I was so excited to get to try the new Origins coffee-formulated products because I have literally grown up knowing their brand & products. I always remember strolling through the mall and spending $2 total on their gumball machine and smelling their amazing minty-fresh products as we walked by. SO, I want to thank Origins for the mems and for these amazing products that I loved trying out and will continue to use. If you have struggled with finding the perfect facial products, keep reading!

The Social Style Co.


The Social Style Co.

It's been sooo long since I've spent money on a good facial cleanser because 1 ) I just couldn't afford to spend the extra cash and 2 ) I had never found one that worked well for me before, so I really just didn't trust anything to work. So, why would I ever cough up the money?

It was so refreshing (literally & figuratively) to finally find a facial cleanser that felt so good on my skin, didn't dry it out, and kept things simple in the morning. I also think it is sooooo cool that these products are coffee-infused because whenever I can use coffee in my daily routine, I am GOING to take advantage of it. This assures a true wake up for me in the mornings which I'm always desperately in need of. One other thing I like about this cleanser is the neutral smell. I've never really liked super-scented products because then I can never get the smell out of my nose for the rest of the day. This cleanser's grapefruit, lemon, and spearmint scents keep it fresh and soothing!

P.S. if a facial cleanser has exfoliant in it - count me in!


The Social Style Co.

I have always struggled with dry, flaky skin E S P E C I A L L Y in the summer time, so I always praise a good moisturizer!! It is definitely my favorite part of washing up because there's no better feeling than bringing moisture to your face. This is exactly what the GinZing moisturizer does for me but on a whole other level, thanks to the coffee infusion. It also includes the pretty scents of grapefruit, lemon, and mint, which is so invigorating but doesn't sting the eyes! 

The Social Style Co.


Authentica+by+Francesca (5).jpg

"To brighten and depuff" is how the description of this product starts out, and lemme tell ya I was sold by that part alone. You've never seen a "just-awoken" Francesca and you should probably consider yourselves lucky. It is nothing but puffiness for me in the AM and while it does look hilarious, it's always super obvious that I just woke up. This makes me a bit self conscious whenever meeting with a client first thing in the morning. Or it totally just gives me away if I tend to wake up at noon every now and then... L O L. Just like the moisturizer, it brings some freshness and moisture to my face, but it the area that gets dark and puffy. This part of my morning routine is the ultimate wake up and one that really gets me going! As described, it's the magnolia extract that I can thank for the bright glowiness I get from using this cream. 

I know that choosing a beauty product can be tough, especially when it comes to taking care of your face. It has been a struggle for me but the only thing that has lead me to wonderful products like the GinZing Origins set, is that I keep on trying things out. Don't be afraid to ask for samples both online or in-store. It's the best way to attain products without wasting you'r (or the company's) time and money. Keep plugging away and I promise you'll find the right stuff for you and your skin. It feels good to know that I have with this Origins set. Happy shopping, beauties!